The calendar pages have turned, and the seasons have changed, but the memories of our first encounter remain as vivid as ever. It feels like just yesterday when our paths crossed, leading to laughter, shared stories, and exchanging promising words. Those moments, though fleeting, left an indelible mark on our hearts, making us wonder about the millions of possibilities that could have been.

The magic between us was beautiful, an electrifying chemistry that neither of us could deny. It felt as if the universe had conspired to bring two souls together, only to remind us of the cruel reality of timing. As the saying goes, “right person, wrong time,” seemed to echo in the background, casting a shadow over what could have been a beautiful love story.

I often catch myself lost in thought, imagining you beside another, hoping that you occasionally spare a thought for me. Our personalities were so distinct, yet there was an undeniable connection, a bond that defied logic. And while a part of me wishes things were different, another part rejoices in your happiness. For love, in its truest form, wishes well for the beloved, even if it means letting go.

Every time our eyes meet, a flood of memories engulfs me, transporting me back to that day when we stood merely six inches apart. The world seemed to fade away, leaving just the two of us, lost in each other’s gaze. The intensity, the passion, the unspoken words – everything felt so right.

Had fate been kinder, perhaps we’d be reminiscing about our evening dinners, where conversations flowed as smoothly as the wine. We’d recall those late-night cuddles that stretched into the early hours, and the beauty of watching sunrises together, basking in the warmth of a new day. I imagine us traveling, exploring new places, each trip feeling like an extended honeymoon.

But alas, reality paints a different picture. It has been a few months since that fateful day, and instead of celebrating an anniversary filled with love and joy, I’m left with a heart full of “what ifs.”

Yet, hope remains. For in this unpredictable journey of life, who knows what the future holds? Maybe someday, the stars will align, giving our story the ending it truly deserves. Until then, I cherish the memories and hold onto the belief that true love, no matter how brief, leaves a mark that lasts a lifetime: