In the Ranks: Vodka

To continue along the lines of our beverage blogs, I thought of the one other liquor you constantly see in bottle service—and that’s vodka. From the distinct branches on the Belvedere bottle to the cool purple of Ciroc, I wondered if there was really a difference. So, in order to inform myself, and in essence VIP followers, I did some research so you can figure out just which vodka is the best and why.

There are three powerhouses in the vodka world: Belvedere, Grey Goose, and Chopin. Belvedere is the first luxury vodka that is considered one of the world’s best. It is distilled in Poland using rye and goes through a thirty-three step quality assurance process; this ensures that you are getting the most pure vodka. After going through the first steps of distillation (I will not get into it as it is extremely complicated) Belvedere ships its “pure spirit” to France where citrus peels are macerated and added in yet another process. This gives the rye vodka a citrusy undertone that many attribute to its fine, smooth flavor.

What distinguishes Belvedere from Grey Goose? Grey Goose is made and distilled in France. Its actually a much younger brand than that of Belvedere (it was created in 1997) and was intended for consumptions by Americans. What is it about this brand of vodka that is so appealing? The distilling process is unique in the vodka world. The winter wheat is distilled with fresh spring water that is filtered by limestone. This is that hint of sweet minerals that makes this smooth vodka so distinct—and enjoyable!

The last vodka is Chopin, a much lesser known brand but is none the less considered one of the best. Chopin is, like Belvedere, a Polish made vodka. However, it is made out of potatoes instead of wheat. The vodka is extremely smooth and does not have that “slow burn” that is well known among vodka drinkers. To vodka taste testers, it is said to have slight hints of apple, adding a slightly sweet flavor to the vodka.

Vodka is one of those drinks that you must acquire a taste for. However, vodka is also the most versatile and pleasing to the partygoer. And that is why vodka is becoming the leading bottles seen in VIP areas! From energy drinks to tonic water, fruit juice to soda, vodka is definitely a crowd pleaser. And it is also quickly becoming a recognizable status symbol. Whether you are looking for the soaring bird, the spidering branches of a tree, or the more elusive male profile, these three vodkas are excellent choices!

Stay strong, my friends, its almost the weekend!