Meet Me At Midnights

What’s best to do at night than meeting up at midnight?

Night owls are usually productive at night. The pent-up energy is released into small activities that keeps us busy at night. It helps us release this ball of energy into random things such as organizing your things at night, doing artworks, writing journal entries, scrolling through your phone all night, and even listening to bop music. Many of us enjoy the warm embrace of the night as it is when the world is most quiet and there is no one in the room but you and your own shenanigans. 

One thing for sure that united night owls globally is Taylor Swift’s release of her Midnights album. It is when all late-night thoughts gathered at midnight sharp. Fascinating right? According to Swift, Midnights was inspired by five major topics: self-hatred, revenge fantasies, “wondering what might have been”, falling in love, and “falling apart”. These topics are usually what keep us wide awake at night. 

We all have been under a nocturnal contemplation. At night is when we are at the most vulnerable state, the time when our own demons come creeping in. Some of us might have been in a state of Lavender Haze or perhaps in a traitor daze. Some of us must have danced gleefully with no shoes, but some could be walking barefoot on glass. Some must have finally acknowledged that sometimes their self is the problem, some could still be in a state of denial. Someone’s life could be emotionally abusive, and some must have it easy. Some were forced to be in their own, some had companies to lean on. Some can be a sunshine; some can be a midnight rain. 

The question is when you feel like everything is too much, did you put up more of a fight? Or did you let your ghosts make fun of you?

Don’t get sad, get even. Your thoughts can either lift or drown you. Draw a cat eye sharp enough to kill what’s coming for you before it kills you. Your mind is a penthouse of all your thoughts, make it shimmer with positive thoughts and remember you’re a diamond, and diamonds got to shine.  If again you’re lost in the labyrinth of your mind, learn to break up, break free, break through, break down. Keep your mind clean and let relaxing thoughts vibe with you. Put your faith into yourself, for you are the Mastermind of your thoughts. 

These are night-owl thoughts that have all met at midnight sharp. It’s a rendezvous of broken souls blossoming into beautiful warriors. A kaleidoscope of trauma and resilience. A fight between your own Anti-Hero. 

Thus, at night when you feel betrayed with your own thoughts, drew up some good faith treaties. Be kinder to yourself. You are fighting a Great War, either you emerge as a victor, or a loser is all up to you. Remember, you never walk alone in your battle. We all meet at Midnight.