The Revelation Game: Drink And Spill Your Personality

Life is tough. Nobody has it easy. There are days that we are blown away by challenges after challenges and the fear of not knowing what is yet to come. The best way to ease it all down is to take a breather!

Stop romanticizing overworking and drink your troubles away. The only acceptable problem you should face right now is drinking problems!  Go out to parties and make the whole place shimmer. Cut yourself some slack and indulge your worries away by knowing how your drink orders say a lot about your personality. 

Professional bartenders have a knack to instantly know your personality based on your drink of choice. You can appear boring, clueless, classy, intellectual, and troublesome depending on what you order. Your drink can also indicate how clueless you are on the drinks at the bar and on what other things can be done with a little mixing and experimentation.

Bartenders say that shots often signal trouble. Usually, people who order shots are people ending a day with burden on their shoulder while looking out for an outlet to deposit all the bad energy stored inside. Shots heightened one’s instinct for trouble, so careful if you wish to be out of the mess. 

Rum has also created quite an impression. If you order rum, it is believed that you want to establish dominance by ordering something that makes you look like a bad boy. If you want to emit an aura like Massimo Torricelli, this one is for you. Careful, you might not want to scare everyone away from you. 

Apparently, ordering Dry Martinis makes you feel old. Dry Martinis are for boring and unconventional people. Especially when you are in a bar dominated by young partygoers, you should think twice if you’re really in the right place.  If you don’t want to look like a boomer, try new drinks and hands-off to Dry Martinis. 

Drinking Moscato also reveals you just want to party and don’t really know a lot about alcohol. Moscato tastes like sugar and nothing to actual alcohol. But, if you want to impress and appear sweet, this drink might do the trick.

Actual party people scream Tequila all the way! If you have a wild heart and set to have a wild night, you can never go wrong by ordering lots of Tequilas. If being drunkenly happy is your goal for the night, you might want to take a sip or probably more of this.

Ordering overly sweet and sugary drink is a sign of immaturity. If you’re a minor and probably using fake IDs to steal some fun for the night, drop everything sweet or it just might reveal your mental age. 

Lastly, Scotch or Bourbon stays at the top of Bartender’s algorithm. Ordering Scotch or Bourbon shows you are your own person and not trying to impress anyone. Scotch and Bourbon people display self-confidence and are always sure of what they want. 

These are just what bartenders think of when you order your drinks, but for whatever it costs still choose what you really want regardless of how others see you. You do you and people will adore you.