What We Focus On…

Beauty can be found in many things that we focus on. When we direct our attention to something, we have the opportunity to appreciate its unique qualities and find its beauty. Even things that we might consider ordinary or unremarkable can reveal their beauty to us when we take the time to look closely with a clean mind.

For example, we can find beauty in nature, whether it’s the majesty of a mountain range, the tranquility of a forest, or the delicate intricacy of a flower. We can also find beauty in people, whether it’s the kindness in someone’s eyes, the resilience of their spirit, or the uniqueness of their perspective. And we can find beauty in art, whether it’s the skillful brushstrokes of a painting, the melody of a song, or the poignancy of a poem.

Furthermore, the act of focusing on something itself can be a beautiful experience. When we fully engage with the present moment, we can find joy and beauty in even the simplest of things. We can find beauty in the way the light shines across a room, in the rhythm of our words, or in the sensations of our bodies.

In summary, there is beauty in everything we focus on, but it’s up to us to cultivate the awareness and presence needed to appreciate it fully. By approaching life with a creative mind and a willingness to engage with the world around us, we can find beauty in even the most unexpected places like nightclubs, bars, restaurants, or University classrooms.