Nightlife After Pandemic: A Cultural Reset

These past few years, pandemic have put a semi-colon to our lives. Everything is on pause for a moment due to heightened health protocols to avoid the wide-spread of COVID-19. Many establishments were forced to close, especially those who caters a crowded room – like nightclubs.

After two years, COVID-19 has become manageable by professional doctors due to extensive research and repetitive trial and error for vaccinations. Two years later, life flourished again as everything is adjusting to the new normal setup. 

Streetlights started to burst in colors as people flock club hopping. What seemed to be ghost towns years ago has finally breathing life. You can now see people getting drunk from life’s responsibilities while listening to strangers’ laughter that echoes all throughout the chilly night. 

Nightlife In The New Normal Setting

Pandemic made us creative by motivating us to think of alternatives that will be flexible anywhere, anytime. Hybrid parties are now more enjoyed than traditional indoor nightclubs. Flexible party venues now have indoor and outdoor setups where hosts can rock the ground in open spaces such as big parks. Crowd control is still observed, yet it is better than not having a nightlife at all.

When everything is temporarily closed, party goer’s fuel kind of died down, but as soon as it came back to business, the blazing fire rekindled. One thing to notice is that we are having more fun now than we ever did before. “THE best night of my life” has been on replay on everyone’s mouth as if it is got to be their last party. One good thing about it is we care less now to what others think when we are out, but more of what we are made of. A positive notion that we are now getting back to our roots by making the night less about others and more about us. 

Nightlife As A Culture

Opposite to when pandemic brought social distancing, clubbing brought more people closer together. It encourages growth, identity, and rediscovery of art. It has created a culture where we don’t have to be the best versions of ourselves, only someone who is there for a good drink and dance to good music. A city devoid of nightlife and dance culture is a city missing out in life. 

Contrary to belief, clubs served as safe spaces and meditation outlets for others. It is where we can fully reinvent ourselves influenced by creative minds who we randomly met at the dance floor.  Indeed, a culture that painted our monochrome canvas into colorful hues.

Enjoy life while it lasts. Join the beat now.