Party drugs and its dangers to party goers

Pulling an all-nighter at nightclubs demands lots of stamina and self-control. It would be a waste to leave a party so early, especially when the real deal is yet to come. Since most club-goers are teenagers and young people, it is a tedious task to match their vigor on the floor. True to this, they easily become prey of substance abuse. Thus, there is an invisible string now that ties clubbing and the use of party drugs.

What are party drugs?

Party drugs are illegal drugs that are typically man-made, cheap, and readily accessible. These are drugs usually brought at clubs, parties, bars, and other entertainment shows. It acts as a stimulant to the brain in which it makes you feel excited and giddy. Seeing how these misplaced energies radiate on the club entices you to partake it. It enhances the takers sense of empathy which allow him to connect more to others. This is also due to the psychoactive effects that are present on the drugs that distorts your reality. Party drugs are usually mixed in alcohol making it more extra dangerous to your health due to multiple health problems and overdose.

Top 5 common club drugs

This are the most common club drugs found at parties ingested through the body or mixed with alcohol.

Ecstasy (MMDA)

Ecstasy or molly is the most famous club drug that takers usually abused. It distorts sensory perceptions and heightens energy and pleasure when taken.  Music and light effects present in clubs are enhanced by ecstasy, making the taker feel more extra giddy. It can boost your euphoria for at least 6 hours. However, too much ecstasy ingestion leads to hypertension and dehydration.


A strong benzodiazepine that stimulates the central nervous system. It acts like Valium and is time times stronger than Xanax. Rophynol negligence can cause to fatal overdose. Symptoms ranges from loss of motor controls, delirium, tension, respiratory defect, and memory loss.


Also known as “crystal” and “meth”, a popular stimulant that gets you high for as long as 10 hours. It provides surge of energy and dominance when taken. When abused it causes stimulant-induced psychosis, hypertension, stomach cramps, and aggression. Its effects also get severe when mixed with alcohol.

Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB)

GHB is structurally alike with MDMA. It boosts energy and connectivity to others. However, GHB is odorless and colorless making it hard to identify when mixed with a drink. It is also dubbed as a date-rape drug for it causes drowsiness and memory loss when taken. This drug is popular among rapists and can cause serious health and safety problems.


Also referred to as “special K,” “cat valium,” and “Kit kat”. Ketamine is originally used to treat severe depression, but when abused can lead to produce psychoactive effects and distortions. It is also dubbed as a date-rape drug for when taken it makes you feel detached to your self and to your surroundings. This leaves you in a state of having blurry visions, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

Is it necessary to take club drugs in a club night?

If the purpose of your night out is to have fun and enjoy, there is no need to ingest harmful substances on the body that will only stimulate you for limited hours but lefts side effects for a lifetime. However, it is best to be familiar with these drugs to avoid not be drugged while accepting drinks in the club and to be extra more cautious when enjoying the night.

Be a vigilante when you are out at night.