VIP Party Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

VIP events are usually held with privacy and decency. It is an event where the only people allowed to enter are those who have been specifically invited and whose names are included in the RSVP list.

Having to be invited in such events speaks a lot of a person’s importance and contributions. This can somehow stimulate you to feel superior. As VIP it is already understood that you walk in path already paved for you to stand out. Hence, no matter how big your name is, party etiquette will also be the common surname of everyone.

Tips on how to act right when attending VIP events

1. Respond to invitations accordingly

Whether you can make it or not, it is important to notify the host of the event about your presence in the said party. If you need to decline, do it discretely and neutrally. Never forget to thank the host for considering you in the list.

2. Avoid cancelling last minute

If you have prior commitments that will overlap with the schedule of the event, notify the host that you cannot make at least 2-3 days before the event. Also, if you have already agreed to come and cancel last minute due to tardiness will cause a negative impact on your image and you will surely not be invited for a next time.

3. Do not bring chaperons unless you asked

VIP events has strict adherence to the guest list. There are events where you can bring a chaperon and both names will be included in the list, and there are also events that won’t allow you to bring one. If the event is too intimate, be sensitive not to add unapproved people in the guest list.

4. Dress accordingly

VIP events usually follow a dress code. As invitee it is important to follow the theme of the events rather than going all out to hog the spotlight. Dressing according to the event’s theme shows respect and honor to the hosts. It is important to put effort in what you wear for it represents you and your personality.

5. Show gratitude to the hosts

The first thing you should do upon arrival is to find your host and show gratitude for taking your presence into consideration in this party. Let them know that you came, and you support whatever the cause of the party.

6. Avoid dramas while at the party

The main attraction of the party is the cause itself and not you. Avoid showing unnecessary remarks and scatter a negative vibe around that will ruin the party. You are a VIP but remember not everything is about you and your life.

7. Eat moderately

VIP events are not buffets. Sure, there are lots of food displayed and liquors served. Hence, it is not a place for you to have a mukbang and to get drunk. Eat with elegance and formality.